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Specializing in Cat Furniture – Cat Trees, Cat Condos, and Cat Towers

At we offer a wide selection of Cat Trees, Cat Towers, Cat Condos, and Cat Towers, Cat Houses delivered directly to your door. We have a large selection of various sizes, colors, and price range to fit you and your kitty needs.

Kitty Cat Towers, Houses and Condos

We understand the special bond between you and your pet and take their health and well-being very seriously. We are here to help you answer questions about ordering your Cat Furniture online.

The Importance of why your cat needs a cat tree

For much of the time we humans live in a horizontal world. Your feline friend on the other hand can live both vertically and horizontally. In fact, cats rely on vertical spaces for comfort, safety and of course for fun! Having available vertical perches for you cat is a very important aspect of cat health. Proper placement and positioning of vertical cat spaces is important. Without the proper placement of cat perches such as a cat tower in high places your cat may feel insecure not being able to perch in a high watching location as cats love to do.

It's also very important if you have multiple cats to have a variety of perching location and areas that cats can sleep or feel as though they have a place of serenity, a retreat that your cat can go to. Vertical cat territories can make a world of difference and promote a happy health household for you and your feline friends. For multiple cat it can be a good idea to setup more then one cat tower, especially in a larger house.

Here at Paws Cat Trees we have a large variety of cat towers available in a variety of sizes and style from your traditional cat tower to modern cat towers that match your home decor.